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Challenge coins have been used as a valuable recognition tool dating back to the First World War. Military units began using challenge coins as a discreet way of claiming membership to a specific unit. The possession of a challenge coins was known to have saved the life of a captured American service man during a rescue attempt. The coin was the only form of identification in his possession that proved he was a member of the American military forces. An individual possessing challenge coins would be proud to know that he or she is a member of a group that shares commitment, loyalty and dedication to a common goal.


Challenge Coins

The use of challenge coins is most popular among Military units. However, their use has extended into the corporate world as well as in athletics, law enforcement, clubs and hobby groups.
The design process and production of challenge coins has become very sophisticated and today we are able to incorporate just about any design and or logo into the design of your challenge coins.


Each order of Custom Challenge Coins includes:

  • FREE Design Consultation
  • FREE Digital Proofs of your Challenge Coins
  • FREE Artwork Revisions
  • FREE UPS Air Shipping
  • FREE Enamel Colors (Up to 7 at no charge)

The basis of your custom challenge coins begins with the design. Our experienced graphics team will work with your design and or idea to create a high quality image that when sent to production will result in incredibly attractive and desired challenge coins. Our graphics team can offer suggestions that will enhance the look of your design or logo if requested.


Each customer is provided with a full-color digital proof for review. We will gladly revise the design as needed at no additional charge until it is exactly what you hoped for. Your order will then be produced in 7-10 days.

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